Monday, October 5, 2015

College of Business Administration Signs Joint Study Transfer Programs with Chinese Universities

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The University of New Orleans College of Business Administration has entered into joint study transfer programs with three Chinese universities. The universities are Putian University, Hebei University of Technology at Lang Fang and Tianjin Tianshi College.

“The demand for graduates of several of our majors in the College of Business Administration is rapidly eclipsing the number of students in those majors,” said John Williams, dean of the College of Business Administration. “Our collaborative work with our Chinese partner universities will allow us to directly address this burgeoning need for graduates of these programs.”

The joint study transfer programs will allow Chinese students at Tianjin Tianshi College and Putian University to receive a joint degree from their universities and UNO by taking the first 60 credits in China followed by 60 credits at the University of New Orleans. The programs include the Bachelor of Science in health care management and the Bachelor of Science in hotel, restaurant and tourism administration. Other possible programs being discussed with these universities include bachelor’s degrees in finance, marketing, management and accounting.

Tianjin Tianshi College is constructing a new College of Business building in Tianjin with input from officials at UNO’s College of Business Administration on progressive facilities that will help advance student success. The agreement with Hebei University will allow Chinese students to achieve a joint degree with the University of New Orleans in the Master of Science in health care management by taking the first three courses of the program in China, followed by eight courses at the University of New Orleans. There are currently no Master of Science in health care management programs in China.

The relationships among the institutions began two years ago when the dean of Hebei University’s business school and the president of Putian University visited Williams at UNO’s Lakefront campus. Leaders at the universities have met subsequently on several occasions in both China and New Orleans. Fourteen faculty members of Putian University visited UNO for the entirety of the fall 2014 and spring 2015 semesters.

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