Third Party Billing

Third party billing provides students with the opportunity to receive financial assistance through their company or organization. Third party billing will transpire when the University directly bills a company, or when an organization agrees to pay the entire amount or a portion of a student's tuition, books and/or fees. Any student who is sponsored by a third party must submit a letter of authorization or tuition assistance voucher on the company/organization's letterhead. The amount authorized will be placed as a credit to the student’s account the day it is received in the third party billing office. Any portion not covered by a third party is the student's responsibility to pay by the appropriate semester due dates. Terms of the agreement are not based on the grades received at the end of the semester. The authorization and/or voucher must include:

  • Student's name
  • Social security number
  • Exact semester being covered
  • Specific classes covered or maximum dollar amount the third party will pay
  • Address and phone number of the third party financier for billing purposes
  • Name and signature of person authorizing the contract

Current Participants in the Third Party Program
A non-cash credit will usually appear on the student's account one week prior to the tuition and fee payment deadline. This credit does not mean we have received payment on the student's behalf, and it will be reversed if UNO does not receive payment from the company/agency within six weeks from the billing date.

Mail Contracts To:

University of New Orleans
Third Party Billing
Earl K. Long Library, Room 133, 2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148

Fax Contracts To:

Attention: Third Party Billing
Phone: (504) 280-5430

In Person

Deliver your paperwork/contract to the Bursar Office in Room 133 of the Earl K. Long Library.

Contact Third Party Billing

Phone: (504) 280-1382