Fee Payment Schedule

Important Notice to UNO Students Regarding
Credit Card and Debit Card Payments

On April 2, 2012, the University of New Orleans instituted changes to its policies regarding the use of credit and debit cards to pay for tuition and fees (including prior balances). A new fee of 2.5% will be charged to those using credit or debit cards to pay for tuition and fees. This fee is in accordance with Louisiana Revised Statute 49:316.1, and most other Louisiana universities already have this fee in place.

Student Account Billing

A copy of your account statement is available on WebSTAR. The statement will itemize all charges as they occur. Payments should be made in accordance with the terms as indicated on your billing statement. Please ensure that all payments are received by the University on or before the due date. A complete schedule of payment due dates is listed on the Bursar and Registrar Offices' websites. Failure to receive a statement does not warrant exemption from penalties for nonpayment or any other restrictions. Students are personally responsible for satisfying all payment requirements, and failure to settle payments by established deadlines may result in administrative actions. It is the student's responsibility to check their balance on their WebSTAR account.

Registration Information

Each semester, check your WebSTAR account for class offerings, instructors, and class location. Refer to the registrar's office website for registration dates.

Fee Payment Information

Each semester consist of two fee payment periods: Early Fee Payment and Centralized Registration. Check the registrar's office website each semester for the specific dates of both periods.

Early Fee Payment

This period begins the first day of early registration and ends on the last business day prior of the Centralized Fee Payment phase. During this period, fee payments can be made on WebSTAR, though the mail, or at the night depository, and must be received by the published due date. Mail payments must be postmarked at least seven days prior to the Phase I payment deadline.

Centralized Fee Payment

Contact Us

Office of the Bursar
University of New Orleans
Earl K. Long Library, Room 133
New Orleans, LA 70148

Phone: (504) 280-6489

E-mail: bursarinfo@uno.edu

The Office of the Bursar is temporarily located at the Privateer Enrollment Center (PEC) in the Library during this time. Fee payments may be made on WebSTAR.

Students who do not pay their fees by the published due dates will have their class schedule cancelled.Students must pay the total fees due in full. If eligible, students can use the Extended Payment Plan Option (EPPO) by paying at least the minimum required amount due on their statement. Students taking advantage of the EPPO will be assessed a $50.00 charge applied to the their account. Students must complete a promissory note to participate in the EPPO. Failure to receive an "Account Statement" does not exempt students of the responsibility of paying their fees by the deadline. If you do not receive a "Statement" prior to the Centralized Fee Payment period, contact the Office of the Bursar so you may:
  1. Obtain the balance owed and forward payment
  2. Confirm that the minimum payment amount has been received
  3. Obtain a copy of your account statement

Please note:

If your schedule change reduces the course hours after the drop/add dates, a refund is not applicable. A partial refund applies for resignations only.

If any item on your statement needs adjusting, contact the appropriate office listed in the student handbook.

If there are any schedule or Fee Bill changes which increase the amount of your fees, you will be responsible for satisfying the required payment by the published deadlines. Students will receive one fee bill, but you can view your account history and/or verify your account balance on WebSTAR at any time. Failure to make required payments will result in the cancellation of your class schedule.