Teacher Tuition Exemption Program

Submit Agreement to:

Office of Bursar Operations, University of New Orleans, Administration Building Room 1006, New Orleans, LA 70148.


Contact Third Party Billing Coordinator

Phone: (504) 280-6505
E-mail: tpa@uno.edu

The recent transition from the state-administered Teacher Tuition Exemption program to the local school system administration of the Local Teacher Quality program requires that each local school system notify the University of New Orleans how they will direct the new program. A Teacher Tuition Exemption Agreement between University of New Orleans and your school system will be required. This agreement can be obtained from the Office of Bursar Operations. We must have this agreement on file in order to process any tuition assistance on your behalf.

In addition to the agreement, you will need to provide the amount of tuition assistance you will be providing for each student. For information purposes, the state-administered program tuition exemption includes the University fee and building usage fee.

If you have programs in addition to the Local Teacher Quality Program, for example Paraprofessional programs with an alternate funding source, a separate agreement will be required. Each program must have its own agreement on file.

You will need to have on file the agreement, your approved agreement with the Louisiana Department of Education, and a copy of your grant award notification. Submit this information to the Office of Bursar Operations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Third Party Billing Coordinator.

For each student approved for tuition exemption, please provide the Application for Teacher Tuition Exemption 8 (G) Local Quality Block and the Parish School System Teacher Tuition Receivable Form.