Bookstore Vouchers

In order to receive a Bookstore Voucher, you must be a financial aid recipient for the semester and meet the following criteria:

  • The anticipated aid reflected on your account is $100.00 more than the amount owed to the university.
  • A Title IV Authorization Form must be completed and on file with the Bursar's Office.

Each semester, students will be notified if they qualify for a bookstore voucher through their UNO email. The email will provide the amount of the voucher and the specific dates the voucher can be used. If you have any questions about UNO's Bookstore Voucher Program, please contact the Accounts Receivable Department at 504-280-3280.

Once the bookstore voucher is used, a charge will appear on the student's fee bill. Please note the entire voucher amount does not have to be used. Whatever is not spent will be included in the student's refund.

If a student resigns from the University or drops classes during the semester, regulations may require the student to refund and/or repay the financial aid program from where he/she received the funds. Returned Federal Loans automatically become the student's responsibility. Students should always consult their Financial Aid Counselor before resigning from the University or altering their class schedule.

Please Note:

If you accepted your financial aid and decide not to attend before or after the semester begins, you must resign from the university.