Student Account Information

Questions Concerning Charges to Your Account

The Office of the Bursar is the centralized billing and collection location for students' accounts and registration fee payments. Please note that the Office of the Bursar will not mail correspondence or fee bills to students. The Office of the Bursar will only send correspondence to students' UNO e-mail addresses.

The Student Account System bills students by email for most of the charges owed to UNO. Fees are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions about your financial relationship with the University, we encourage you to visit the Office of the Bursar or call us at 504-280-6504. Issues regarding delinquent accounts are handled by Accounts Receivable.

Most charges and credits originate from the departments listed below and questions regarding the items on your statement should be directed toward these appropriate department:

Office of the Bursar
Administration Building
Room 1006
(504) 280-6489 or 280-6504

Admissions Office
Office of Admissions
Privateer Enrollment Center 
Earl K. Long Library 
(504) 280-6595

Campus Parking/Traffic Violations
University Police
Campus Police Building
Room 100
(504) 280-6666


Financial Aid Office
Privateer Enrollment Center 
Earl K. Long Library 
(504) 280-6603

Graduation/Special Fees
Registrar's Office
Administration Building
Room 112
(504) 280-6216

Delinquent Accounts
Accounts Receivable
Administration Building
Room 1006
(504) 280-3280


Billing Statements

To obtain your account information and balance, please logon to WebSTAR.

After logging onto WebSTAR, select Main Menu, then Self Service. Click on the option labeled Campus Finances and select the hyperlink named View Account Summary. The total amount owed to the University is found under Balance For All Accounts, which is located above the list of semesters. You can view an itemized explanation of your account by clicking on the particular semester you wish to view and selecting the View Account Detail hyperlink.

The Office of the Bursar emails two types of billing statements. The first statement of the semester is the "Account Statement", and it emailed to your school email account approximately three weeks before the first day of class. Monthly Account Statements will also be emailed. Please ensure that all payments are received by the University on or before the appropriate due date.

If you do not receive an "Account Statement" prior to any fee payment period, please check your WebSTAR account or contact the Office of the Bursar at 504-280-6504 so you may:

  • Obtain the balance owed and determine the best option to forward your payment.
  • Confirm the minimum payment amount was received and verify your class schedule.
  • Receive a copy of your "Account Statement". You can retrieve a copy via WebSTAR or at the Bursar's Counter.
  • Students not paying fees by the published due dates will have their class schedule cancelled.
  • You may pay the total fees in full or if eligible, use the Extended Payment Plan Option (EPPO).

Failure to receive an Account Statement does not warrant exemption from penalties for non payment or any other restrictions. Students are responsible for satisfying all payment requirements and neglecting to make payments by deadlines may result in administrative action. Please note that you do not need a fee bill to pay for your account balance.

Returned Checks

Unpaid returned checks and e-checks will result in a $25.00 service fee added to your student account. A returned check will result in the following:

Cancellation of check-writing privileges at the University for one academic year.

Cancellation of any further scheduling of classes.

Administrative holds on any further registration until unpaid balance is settled.

Academic records held. This includes final grade reports, transcripts, and access to grades.

An additional $75.00 Delinquent Fee will be due if the returned check and service fee have not been settled by the statement due date.

Possible judicial action.

Delinquent Accounts

Your account will be delinquent if the total amount due is not paid by the statement due date. The monthly statements will be the only notification sent to you.

A delinquent account will result in the following:

  • Administrative holds on any further registration until debt is settled.
  • Academic records held. This includes final grade reports, transcripts, and access to grades via the web.
  • Diploma held until debt is settled.
  • $75.00 Delinquent Fee, in addition to your outstanding balances.
  • Delinquent accounts will be sent to the Louisiana Attorney General's Office for collections. An account sent to the Attorney General's Office will incur a 33.33% collection fee and may also be subject to wage garnishments, tax refund garnishments, and other methods available to the Attorney General's Office to collect the debt.
  • Delinquent payment history reported to all major credit bureaus.


Should your account become delinquent through failure to meet the installment terms of the EPPO agreement, the privilege of the EPPO for all future semesters will be revoked automatically. In future terms, payment of the total account balance will be required in order to confirm class schedules and complete registration.

Learn more about EPPO