Credit Balance Refunds

Financial Recipients:

Aid must be listed on the Student Account Summary as disbursed "Financial Aid", not "Anticipated Aid" for the refund to be issued. Anticipated Aid questions can be answered by the Financial
Aid Office.

Credit balances result from an overpayment, excess financial aid, and other credit entries that exceed the total amount of charges to a student's account. Refunds are issued to students for the amount of the excess credit balance. At the start of the semester, the initial refunds for credit balances are processed within 14 days after the financial aid is posted to the student's Account Summary.

Students are informed via UNO email regarding their refunds and are encouraged to enroll in our Direct Deposit Program. Enrolling in this program will prevent your refund from being delayed. To register in the program, you will need to complete the . The bank account you request your funds to be transferred to must be in the student's name.

Please submit the Direct Deposit Form along with a voided check which has the student's name by:

  • Fax to: (504) 280-5430
  • Mail to: UNO Bursar's Office, 2000 Lakeshore Drive, New Orleans, LA 70148
  • In person at the Bursar's Office - Located in Administration Building, Room 1006
  • Excess credit refunds are processed every Tuesday and Thursday. Students can check their refund status on WebSTAR. For financial aid recipients, a Bookstore voucher will be processed for textbook costs. See Bookstore Vouchers for more information.

    Please allow 21 days for a refund to be processed once your financial aid has been credited to your account
    on WebSTAR.