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Sensor Chip Assembly and Fabrication

  • UV light pattern generator for photolithography
  • JC Nabity Lithography Systems incorporated with LEO 1530 Field Emission Scanning Microscope for e-beam nanowriting and nanopatterning
  • KSV 5000 Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) Alignment Equipment with computer control for surface tension measurement
  • 6708 Spin Coater with programmable logical control to store and execute operator-selectable spin coat profile
  • LG-B 100B Mechanical Convention Ovens for ideal general drying, conditioning, desiccating, annealing, moisture testing, aging, and testing
  • 308 EM Vacuum evaporator with thickness control
  • Kleindiek Nanomanipulator System with four nanomanipulators, microgripper and microinjections