Leszek Malkinski, Ph.D.



  • M.S., Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland, 1984
  • Ph.D., Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland, 1991


Research Specialties

  • Thin Film Technology in low dimensions
  • Materials Science (Magnetic Materials and Composites)

Lab Personnel

  • Dr. Seong-Gi Min - Postdoc.
  • Dr. S. Babu Narendra-Postdoc
  • Rahmatollah Eskandari-Grad. Student
  • John Gaffney - Grad. Student
  • Ganesh Tiwari - Undergraduate


  • PHYS 4901 - Condensed Matter and Material Science
  • PHYS 3301 - Intermediate Mechanics
  • PHYS 4503 - Electrodynamics
  • PHYS 4901 - Modern Magnetic Materials and Applications
  • PHYS 4150 - Microprocessor and Scientific Instrumentation
  • PHYS 4501 - Electricity and Magnetism
  • PHYS 1061 - Physics for Science and Engineering
  • PHYS 4160G - Advanced Physics Laboratory

Thin Film Technology Laboratory is equipped with two physical deposition systems:

Three-chamber ultra-high vacuum system from AJA International Inc. has magnetron sputtering chamber with six 2” magnetron sputtering guns and plasma etcher, electron beam evaporation chamber with 5 pocket evaporator, ion gun and 50 kV reflection high energy diffraction system (RHEED) and the analysis chamber equipped with LEED and Auger spectrometer. Both deposition chambers have rotatable and heated (up to 850oC) sample stages.

Another system from APX scientific has six 3” magnetron sputtering guns and a dual electron bean evaporator with 10 pockets for materials.

Part of the group activities is management of AMRI cleanroom facilities located in the Nanodevice Processing Laboratory equipped with deep UV photolithography and ion milling for fabrication of patterns. In addition electron beam writing is used to fabricate nanoscale patterns.

The focus of the research is on fabrication and characterization of patterned magnetic nanostructures. In particular multiferroic, spintronic and microwave materials are in the scope of the research. Potential applications target micro- and nano- electro mechanical systems (MEMS, NEMS), magnetoresistive random access memories (MRAMs), magnetic sensors stress sensors and biosensors, tunable microwave devices.

This research is supported through grants from DARPA, NSF and LA Board of Regents SF.


Recent Papers

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