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Faculty of AMRI

Dr. WileyJohn Wiley, Ph.D.
Director of AMRI & President's Research Professor

SC 2064  504-280-6840 504-280-6849

Inorganic, materials chemistry

MalkinskiLeszek Malkinski, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics & Materials Science
Polish Academy of Sciences

SC 2009

Condensed matter physics: Thin film technology, Micro-Origami, Magnetic and microwave materials, Solar cells, Multiferroic and multifunctional composites, Spintronics and Biomagnetism

Viktor PoltavetsViktor Poltavets
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry


Solid State Chemistry, Rechargeable Batteries, & Catalysis

Steven RickSteven Rick
University Research Professor
Department of Chemistry
UC Berkeley


Theoretical and computational approaches to the study of liquid water, interfaces, aqueous solutions, proteins, and ion transport through various materials.

Dr. SchillingPaul Schilling, Ph.D.
Professor of Engineering
Chair of Mechanical Engineering Department
Louisiana State University

EN 926

Phase development in metastable binary alloys; Characterization of automobile exhaust particulates; Materials problems related to microfabrication techniques based on x-ray lithography; NDE of composite materials; Development of Al-Sc-X alloys

Damon SmithDamon Smith
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering


Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology, Fabrication

Dr. SpinuLeonard Spinu, Ph.D.
University Research Professor of Physics & Materials Science
University of Paris XI

SC 2007

Magnetic nanoparticles, radio frequency and microwave properties of materials.

See Dr. Spinu's research group website

Dr. TarrMatthew Tarr, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research
University Director of Undergraduate Research
Georgia Tech.

CSB 344

Analytical, biochemistry, materials chemistry

Dr. ZhouWeilie Zhou, Ph.D.
Professor of Materials Science
Chinese Academy of Sciences

SC 2003

Synthesis of semiconductor nanowires for chemical sensor, biological sensor and photovoltaic applications. Nanomaterials characterization using electron microscopy.

See Dr. Zhou's research group website


Associate Faculty of AMRI

Paul HerringtonPaul Herrington, Ph.D.
Professor of Engineering
Louisiana State University

EN 909A

Fatigue failure of composite joints, Stress concentrations in laminated plates, Reliability of laminated structures

See Dr. Herrington's faculty page

Dr. HuiDavid Hui, Ph.D.
Professor of Engineering
Director of Composite Materials Research Laboratory
University of Toronto

EN 918

Buckling and vibration of laminated plates and shells, impact behavior of laminated imperfect flat of cylindrical panels under axial impact, constitutive equations for engineering materials (including floating ice plates)

See Dr. Hui's faculty page

Melody VergesMelody Verges, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Engineering
Tulane University

EN 925

Nondestructive evaluation of structures; Design of solder grid array (SGA) packages; Fatigue of SGA packages

See Dr. Verges' faculty page


Professor Emeritus

Dr. O'ConnorCharles O'Connor, Ph.D.
University of Illinois

Inorganic chemistry, material science and nanotechnology