Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope


Our field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) is integrated with JC Nabity nanolithography system so as to readily perform ebeam nano-patterning.

User Rates

Rates will be based on an hourly or per sample basis and will be decided after consultation with the customer.

  • Internal rate: $40/hr.
  • External rate: $70/hr.
  • Training: $50/hr.

Consumables charged at cost.

Contact Us

Dr. Weilie Zhou

Specifications and capabilities of FESEM(LEO 1530 VP)

  • Schottky thermal emitter with ultra-high resolution (1 nm at 20 kV, and 2.5 nm at 1 kV)
  • Annular In-Lens SE detector and lateral SE detector with patented GEMIN lens
  • Elements analysis by OXFORD EDS (Point, line, and area EDS analysis as well EDS mapping)
  • x/y/z axes motorized stage allowing up to 45° of tilt
  • JC Nabity e-beam nano-patterning system
  • Manipulation nano-scale objects and in-situ measurement by micro probes

Sample Data

Sample data