Thermal Analysis - Simultaneous TGA-DSC

Thermal AnalysisTA Instruments SDT Q600 TGA-DSC

Thermal analysis is an important method for the characterization of materials. Points of decomposition or oxidation, resulting mass changes, structural transitions, melting points, etc. are all significant to understanding the fundamental and technological behavior of materials. Our institute has thermal analysis equipment that is able to simultaneously collect both thermogravimetric analytical (TGA) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) data. These measurements can be performed under a variety of atmospheres with controlled heating and cooling profiles.

User Rates

Rates will be based on an hourly or per sample basis and will be decided after consultation with the customer.

Minimum Hourly rates are:

  • Assisted Use: $20/hr.
  • Training: $25/hr.
  • Self-Use: $10/hr.

Consumables charged at cost.

XRD analysis of products available at hourly rate (link XRD webpage).

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Dr. John Wiley

Specifications and capabilities of TA Q600 TGA-DSC

  • Thermogravimetric and Differential Temperature Analysis can be performed at the same time
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Horizontal balance and furnace, with Maximum temperature 1500 °C
  • Different gases e.g. O2, H2, Ar, N2
  • Automatic computer controlled gas switch and mass flow
  • Computer controlled heating/cooling: Heating rate: 0.1 – 100°C/min, Cooling rate: 0.1 - 25 °C/min
  • Samples: Sample capacity: 10 - 200mg, Sample pans: Alumina and Platinum
  • Sensitivity: Balance sensitivity: 0.1 µg, DTA sensitivity: 0.001 °C
  • Temperature calibration: metal standards
  • Calorimetric Accuracy and Precision: ±2%
  • Data Analysis using TA Instrument software: Universal Analysis 2000 (free download on their website)

Sample Data

Sample data