JEOL 2010 Transmission Electron Microscope


The research on nanotechnology relies on the capabilities to observe, measure, analyze and manipulate nanoscale objects. Among most of the scientific instruments, electron microscope have much higher magnification and resolution due to the extremely small wavelength of electron beam, which can resolve structures in atomic scale (sub-nanometer). At AMRI, transmission electron microscope (JEM-2010 TEM) is capable of performing detailed structural characterization of nanomaterials and bulk materials as well. Our in-house sample preparation instrumentation and availability of different TEM holders enables us to characterize various materials, such as semiconductors, metals, soft materials, etc., structurally and chemically.

User Rates

Rates will be based on an hourly or per sample basis and will be decided after consultation with the customer.

  • Internal rate: $35/hr.
  • External rate: $65/hr.
  • Training: $50/hr.
  • Negative Film $1/piece, Cu TEM Grids $2/piece

Contact Us

Dr. Weilie Zhou

Specifications and capabilities of JEM-2010

  • Filament: LaB6 filament with point resolution of 0.23 nm at 200KeV
  • Accelerating voltage: 80-200 kV with magnification ranging from X2000 to X1,500,000
  • Gatan CCD camera: capturing high resolution images
  • EDAX attachment for energy dispersive spectrum (EDS) analysis
  • Various specimen holders: single tilt, low background double tilt, high temperature hold, etc

Sample Data-GaN NW and In2O3 NP

Sample data