SQUID Magnetometry

SQUIDQuantum Design MPMS XL-7

Magnetic Measurements is an important approach to the characterization of materials. The SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) magnetometer is the most sensitive commercially available equipment for magnetic measurements. AMRI has an EverCool equipped MPMS-XL SQUID magnetometer from Quantum Design with automated software, dynamic range in temperature, sensitivity in measurement and user friendly architecture. Magnetic field and temperature dependent magnetic measurements can be performed with a very high accuracy in a large temperature and field ranges.

User Rates

Rates will be based on an hourly or per sample basis and will be decided after consultation with the customer.

Hourly rates for instrument use

  • Assisted Use: $15/hr.
  • Training: $25/hr.
  • Self-Use: $10/hr.

Consumables charged at cost.

Contact Us

Dr. Leonard Spinu

Specifications and capabilities of MPMS-XL-7

  • Temperature and magnetic field dependent magnetic measurements
  • Temperature range: 1.9K – 1000 K (with oven option)
  • Temperature stability: ±0.5%
  • Magnetic field range ±7 Tesla
  • Reciprocating Sample Measurement Option for fast and high sensitivity magnetic measurements
  • Relative sensitivity: max. of
  • Options available:
  • Transverse Moment Detection
  • Vertical Sample Rotator
  • Sample Space Oven

Sample Data

Sample data