Physical Property Measurement System-PPMS

PPMSQuantum Design PPMS-14 Tesla

PPMS is an open architecture, variable temperature-field system, designed to perform a variety of automated measurements, including resistivity, heat capacity, ac/dc magnetometry, and thermal transport. The PPMS can be used with specially-designed measurement options, or easily adapt it to your own experiments. Sample environment controls include fields up to ±14 tesla and temperature range of 1.9 - 400 K. Its advanced expandable design combines many features in one instrument to make the PPMS the most versatile system of its kind.

User Rates

Rates will be based on an hourly or per sample basis and will be decided after consultation with the customer.

Hourly rates for the instrument use

  • Assisted Use: $10/hr.
  • Training: $25/hr.
  • Self-Use: $5/hr.

Consumables charged at cost.

Contact Us

Dr. Leonard Spinu

Specifications and capabilities of PPMS-14 Tesla

  • Temperature and magnetic field dependent measurements
  • Temperature range: 1.9K – 400 K (with oven option)
  • Magnetic field range ±14 Tesla
  • Options available:
  • Resistivity
  • Heat Capacity
  • AC/DC magnetometry
  • Torque magnetometry
  • Thermal Transport
  • Horizontal Rotator

Sample Data

Sample data