AMRI is well equipped to carry out a variety of magnetic and transport measurements. In addition to both a SQUID and PPMS system, we also can carry out Hall measurements, heat capacity, as well as transport measurements down to 8 milliKelvin in dry dilution refrigerator.

  • SQUIDSQUID Susceptometer

    The Quantum Design MPMS XL-7 is an effective tool for examining a range of magnetic properties in materials down to 1.9 K. Both magnetic field and temperature dependent magnetic measurements are readily available. Elevated temperatures up to 1000 K are also accessible with our oven option.

  • PPMSPhysical property measurement system (PPMS)

    The PPMS is an open architecture, variable temperature-field system designed to perform a variety of automated measurements, including resistivity, heat capacity, ac/dc magnetometry, and thermal transport.

  • spin coaterOther Magnetic and Transport Capabilities

    AMRI has a variety of instrumentation including a vector VSM, FMR/EPR spectrometer, cryogenic probe station, and a dilution refrigerator.