About the Advanced Materials Research Institute (AMRI)

AMRI Organizational Diagram

AMRI Organizational Structure

The Advanced Materials Research Institute was formed to meet the research needs of the University of New Orleans in the area of materials science. An organizational diagram (left) of the components of AMRI is shown.

AMRI Advisory Board

The administration of AMRI involves two advisory boards, the Campus Advisory Board (CAB) and the Technical Advisory Board (TAB). The Director of AMRI reports to the Dean of the College of Sciences (Dr. Steven G. Johnson) who consults the CAB on matters pertaining to the administration of AMRI (e.g., appointments to the senior staff of AMRI, ratification of nominations for membership on the Technical Advisory Board, etc.). Although AMRI has a multi-disciplinary research mission, it is sponsored jointly by the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Physics in the College of Sciences at the University of New Orleans and the composition of the Campus Advisory Board reflects this authority.

Members of the Campus Advisory Board

  • Dr. Steven G. Johnson, Dean of the College of Sciences and Chairman of the CAB
  • Dr. John B. Wiley, Director of AMRI
  • Dr. Matthew Tarr, Vice President for Research and Economic Development
  • Dr. Emir Macari, Dean, College of Engineering
  • Dr. Mark Trudell, Chairman, Department of Chemistry
  • Dr. Greg Seab, Chairman, Department of Physics

Technical Advisory Board

Industrial and government involvement is crucial to the development of AMRI. A Technical Advisory Board (TAB) oversees the operation of AMRI. The duties of the TAB are to provide expertise and insight as AMRI projects are initially developed and to ensure the value and utility of the research to both the private sector and the Department of Defense. The TAB oversees the development of research initiatives at AMRI, directs the addition and distribution of personnel, conducts a yearly review of the operation and performance of the Institute, and makes recommendations on reallocation of AMRI resources.

Members of the Technical Advisory Board

  • Dr. Gary Bush, Lockheed Martin, Advanced Technology Center
  • Dr. Jack T. Vaughey, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Dr. Dieter Weller, Future Recording Media, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
  • Dr. Christopher Bieniarz, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
  • Dr. Stuart Wolf, Institute for Nanoscale and Quantum Scientific & Technological Advanced Research, University of Virginia
  • Dr. Ben Russo, Cleco Corporation
  • Dr. Janusz Nowak, T.J. Watson Research Center, IBM

AMRI Research Constortium

AMRI has established a research consortium which includes academic, government, and industrial participants and their research laboratories.

Academic Laboratories & Consortium Partners

  • University of New Orleans
  • Louisiana State University
  • Louisiana State University - CAMD
  • Louisiana Tech University
  • Tulane University
  • Florida State University
  • Children's Hospital-New Orleans
  • Communities in Schools (CIS) of New Orleans, Inc.