Guest Students

Make this summer count!

If you are enrolled at another college or university, you can earn transferable credit at UNO during the summer semester as a guest student.

Click the "Apply to UNO" button to get started... then knock out some classes, rack up some credits and make the most of your summer at UNO.

High School Dual Enrollment Students

Attention seniors! Enroll in UNO’s Early Start Program and take classes for dual credit.

Early Start is a great way to take classes and earn both high school AND college credit. High school students in good academic standing can enroll in college courses at UNO provided they meet the minimum admission requirements. Jumpstart college this summer! Click here for requirements and more Information

Current UNO Students

Knock out some courses at UNO this summer, and start your future sooner.

Whether you want to attend classes on campus, online or both, check out what is available. Choose your courses... then make the most of your summer at UNO!

Important Dates

Summer Semester

June 4 - August 1

Register by:
June 2

Summer Session A

June 4 - June 28

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June 2

Summer Session B

July 10 - July 31

Register by:
July 7

Popular Summer Courses include:

FA 1010 Art Appreciation
ACCT-2100 Principles of Accounting
BIOS-1053 Human Biology for Non-Science Majors
ENGL-1158 English Composition
ENGL-2152 Technical Writing
SPAN-1002 Basic Spanish II
HIST-1002 World History since 1600
HRT-3011 Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
MANG-3401 Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior
MATH-1031 A Survey of Mathematical Thought I
MATH-2314 Elementary Statistical Methods
MKT-3501 Principles of Marketing
MKT-6503 Strategic Marketing Management
POLI-2151 U.S. Government and Politics
PSYC-2200 Educational Psychology

Extended Campus Summer Courses

Drone Application & Remote Pilot Training

Prepare to become an FAA Certificated Drone Remote Pilot! Learn how to build and safely fly a drone.

Instructor: Malay Ghose Hajra
Reg #: Civil and Environmental Engineering/ENCE 4097-001
Class #: 40580
Schedule: MW 11AM to 1:45PM
8-week session: June 4th- August 1st

Essentials of Cooking

Cook in Kitchen Stadium with Chef Springfloat! Master the basics of NOLA’s legendary cuisine.

Reg #: Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism/HRT 4290-351
Class #: 40319
Schedule: MTWTH 11AM-1:55PM
3-week session: June 4th- June 28th
Summer Session A

Digital Photography: NOLA: A Visual Exploration

Explore New Orleans while learning how to use your digital camera.

Instructor: Anthony Campbell
Reg #: Fine Arts/FA 1551-001
Class #: 40582
Schedule: TTH-2PM-4:45PM
8-week session: June 4th- August 1st

New Orleans Stories

Write your script, essay, or story while learning the fundamentals of character and story structure in the capitol of Hollywood South: The Big Easy.

Instructor: Erik Hansen
Reg #: Film and Theater Arts/FTA 4096-356
Class #: 40593
Schedule: MTWTH, 2:00PM-4:55PM
3-week session: July 10th – July 30th
Summer Session B

New Orleans on the Big and Small Screen

Explore portrayals of New Orleans through fictional and non-fictional storytelling. Learn about the city through films such as A Streetcar Named Desire and Beasts of the Southern Wild, documentaries such as Louisiana Story and When the Levees Broke, and television such as Frank’s Place, Treme, and Queen Sugar.

Instructor: Henry Griffin
Reg #: Film and Theater Arts/FTA 4096-351
Class #: 40591
Schedule: MTWTH 11AM-1:55PM
3-week session: June 4th- June 28th
Summer Session A

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