Summer Guest/Visiting and Non-degree Students

Important Information

Non-degree seeking students do not qualify for financial aid and must renew their status each semester. In order to become a degree-seeking student, a Change of Status form must be completed.

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Visiting and non-degree students enroll in classes at UNO, but do not complete a degree on our campus. Students are either enrolled at another college or university and take courses at UNO to transfer back to their home institution (summer guest students). Bachelor degree holders take courses either for personal enrichment or as prerequisites for a graduate degree.

Summer Guest/Visiting Students
Planning to be in New Orleans for the summer? If your answer is yes, enroll for summer classes at UNO. You must be enrolled at an accredited college or university during the spring semester and be eligible to return in the fall. Apply to UNO for the summer semester as a non-degree guest student. Please submit a completed UNO admission application, the applications fee, and an official transcript from the institution at which you are currently enrolled.

Special Students
If you are an undergraduate and wish to take college classes as a non-degree student, you may apply as a Special Student. Consult the Office of Admissions for details about Special Students status.

Non-degree Graduate Student
If you do not wish to pursue an advanced degree, you may apply as a non-degree graduate student. If you are a pre-med or pre-MBA student or are working towards teacher certification, you'll need to submit an official transcript certifying your bachelor's degree.