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Do you want to get a jump start on your college plans? UNO’s High School Dual Enrollment Program, also known as the Early Start Program, is a great way to take classes for dual credit (high school and college credit). High school students in good academic standing can enroll in college courses at UNO provided they meet the minimum admission requirements.


  • By earning college credit while attending high school, you may be able to reduce the time and money you’ll spend in college.
  • You will become prepared with the work load of a college course.
  • You will gain college credit and experience that will put you ahead of your peers when you are ready to enter college full time.


Dual Credit Fees

Dual credit fees and college fees apply differently. See how fees apply to you.

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  1. Be approved for dual enrollment by your high school.
  2. Have a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 2.5 or better.
  3. Have taken one of the following test and received minimum test scores of:
    • ACT or PLAN: 18 English and 19 math
    • SAT: 450 English and 460 math
    • PSAT: 45 English and 46 math
    • COMPASS: 74 Writing and 40 Algebra

3 Ways to Attend UNO as a High School Student

Dual Enrollment allows you to take up to 11 credit hours per semester in the fall and/or spring semester.

Summer Enrollment allows you to take courses during the summer once you are in high school.

Full-time Enrollment enables you to attend UNO full-time during your senior year. You may be eligible to receive your diploma from your high school after successfully completing 24 credit hours at UNO.

Continuing Dual Enrollment Students

If you are a student currently enrolled in UNO's Dual Enrollment program and wish to continue for another consecutive semester, you will need to fill out the Request to Continue form and return it to the Office of Admissions in one of the following formats:

  • In person: Privateer Enrollment Center (PEC), first floor of the Earl K. Long Library
  • Fax: Attention to the Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Kate Uhle, at 504-280-3973
  • Email: Dual Enrollment Coordinator, Kate Uhle, at

Keep in mind that you will not be able to register for your next semester's courses until we have received this completed request.

Supplemental Course Academy

If you are a student at a participating Louisiana high school, you may be eligible to receive funds through your school district. Please print the Supplemental Course Academy Application and have it completed by your school counselor. The finished application should be returned to the Office of Enrollment Services in person, by fax, or email to the same contact information listed on this page prior to the beginning of each semester.