After reviewing several software packages, the University of New Orleans purchased WEAVEonline in 2013 to serve as a university-wide tool and repository used to develop and maintain continuous improvement processes. WEAVEonline is a web-based outcomes assessment package that allows the university to more effectively manage and track assessment. The purchase includes Affirm, an accreditation module that is used to organize information and compose reports for accreditors.


Institutional Effectiveness

  • Assessment (course, program, department, college, administrative/service unit, and institution levels)
  • General education assessment
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Alignment of goals and outcomes with strategic plan
  • Alignment of goals and outcomes with institutional priorities
  • Multi-year or longitudinal comparison


  • Multiple user levels
  • Flexible configuration
  • Task assignment and tracking


  • Standard reports
  • Ad hoc, customized reports
  • Progress monitoring
  • Regional accreditation
  • Professional accreditation


WEAVEonline allows users in each unit on campus to enter goals, student learning outcomes, other expected outcomes, assessment methods, targets, data and analysis. There is a document repository feature for uploading spreadsheets, artifacts and so forth. Users can create and run a variety of reports to easily share information.

WEAVEonline Access


WEAVEonlie Captues an assessment and planning cycleAccess WEAVEonline


Your user name and password is identical to your current UNO user name and password.

If your access is not yet authorized or you encounter difficulty, please contact weave@uno.edu.