Curriculum Mapping

What is curriculum mapping?

The process of building a curriculum map or course matrix enables an institution and its programs to create visual representations of how courses and experiences support outcomes/objectives. This powerful process tool can be used in academic and administrative areas alike.

What can you do with mapping?

  • Faculty developing a new curriculum and staff designing programs and services for students can use the tool to align courses and experiences with desired outcomes/objectives.
  • Individually, faculty can see how their courses relate to other courses to form a coherent curriculum.
  • As a group, faculty can review maps and determine where there are gaps in learning opportunities for students.
  • General education committees can see how core general education outcomes/objectives are addressed in the major.
  • Assessment councils can track the types and suitability of assessments used across the curriculum.
  • Maps can also reveal course patterns in relation to accreditation requirements.


Hand writing on a chart