Institutional Effectiveness

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Institutional effectiveness provides evidence-based feedback to faculty, staff and administrators about the work they engage in every day. The cycle contributes to creating a data-driven, disciplined culture of continuous improvement.

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The University of New Orleans engages in ongoing, integrated and institution-wide research-based planning and evaluation processes. The university mission and strategic plan provide the framework upon which the institutional effectiveness process operates.



The Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment provides leadership, support, and resources for university-wide planning and assessment efforts. The institutional effectiveness process is designed to enhance the university's mission by facilitating data collection, analysis and reporting. Strategic planning and budget decisions are closely aligned with this commitment to continuous improvement.


The University of New Orleans will continue to foster a culture of assessment and evidence-based practice. Faculty and staff value and engage in assessment for ongoing improvement purposes.


The institutional effectiveness process involves programs, services, and constituencies throughout the university. All entities participate in planning and assessment efforts, including colleges, academic departments and programs, administrative and student support units, as well as centers and institutes.