Tarun K. Mukherjee, Ph.D.

James R. Moffett Chair in Financial Economics

Tarun Mukherjee

Tarun K. Mukherjee, Ph.D., received his D.B.A. in Finance from Texas Tech University. He holds the Moffett Chair in Financial Economics. Dr. Mukherjee has authored 60 refereed publications and serves as Editor of Review of Financial Economics. His publications have been in Financial Management, Financial Review, Journal of Applied Finance, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, Journal of Economics and Finance, Global Finance Journal, Review of Financial Economics, and Review of Business and Economic Research. He has presented papers at various national and regional association meetings. Dr. Mukherjee has served as chair/co-chair of more than 20 dissertations and as committee member of over 20 committees. He has been a competitive paper award winner for Eastern Finance Association (2009), Southwest Finance Association (2012), Financial Planner’s Financial Writers Award (1981), and Financial Management Association (1979).