Phil Harmelink, Ph.D.

Ernst & Young Professorship in Accounting
Ernst & Young Continuing Scholar Professorship
Energy Accounting Conference Continuing Scholar Professorship

Phil HaarmelinkPhil Harmelink, Ph.D., holds the Ernst & Young Professorship, the Ernst & Young Continuing Scholar Professorship, and the Energy Accounting and Technology Conference Continuing Scholar Professorship. He has authored over 100 journal articles and has also been co-author of multiple editions of two tax textbooks. He has been Chair of the Department of Accounting since 1990. Dr. Harmelink is the only Professor currently on the faculty in the College of Business Administration who has held the distinction of having held the title of “Research Professor.” Tax articles that he has written have been cited in 28 articles in about 20 law reviews. Dr. Harmelink has served on numerous AACSB Accreditation teams. He was appointed to the national AACSB Accounting Accreditation Committee, effective July 1, 2007 for a three-year term. Since Katrina, he has raised about $500,000 for accounting scholarships. He has also raised about $200,000 in funds for departmental professorships, faculty development, and for other departmental purposes while he has been department chair. Dr. Harmelink has served on the UNO Energy Accounting and Technology Conference Board of Directors.