Karin Liebhart, Ph.D.

Marshall Plan Anniversary Endowed Professorship

Karin Liebhart

Karin Liebhart, Ph.D., is a political scientist and Visiting Professor and Marshall Plan Anniversary Chair 2014/2015 at the Department of Political Science, University of New Orleans. She teaches courses in the field of comparative politics with a focus on European politics (fall term 2014) and visual studies (spring term 2015).

Karin Liebhart is Senior lecturer at the Department of Political Science, University of Vienna as well as Faculty member of the Doctoral College “European Historical Dictatorship and Transformation Research” and Associated lecturer at the Postgraduate Program “Master of European Studies” at her home university.

She also teaches at the Nationalism Studies Program, Central European University Budapest, and the Jean Monnet Chair, Comenius University Bratislava. She was Visiting professor at the universities of Klagenfurt (2014), Vienna (2011 and 2008)), Tartu (2009), Podgorica (2008), and Łodz (2007/2008).

Karin Liebhart is Senior President of the Central European Political Science Association CEPSA.

Her main areas of interest are European political systems and political cultures/ European integration, EU enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy/ Political, economic, social and cultural processes of transformation/ Democratic quality and political participation/ Discursive and visual representations of politics/ Political communication/ Memory politics/ Right-wing populism and right-wing extremism/ Gender studies.

Recent research projects: Historical consciousness among youth in Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Austria (European Network Remembrance and Solidarity) (2014)/ Divided Memories? Visuelle Darstellungen des 20. Jahrhunderts in europäischen Geschichtsbüchern (Austrian National Bank) (2011/2013).

Selected publications since 2012: A multi-method approach to the comparative analysis of anti-pluralistic politics. In: Kiess, Johannes (ed.): Comparative Perspectives on Right-wing Extremism. Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2015, in print)/ Cultural Patterns of Politics (ed. with Olga Gyarfasova). LIT Berlin-Münster-Vienna. 2014/ Austria and its Experience with European Parliament Elections: Evidence since 1996. In: Politics in Central Europe Volume 10, 2014/1. 75-95 (with Sylvia Kritzinger). 2014/ Icon of the Orange Revolution, Evita of Kyiv, Ukrainian Barbie doll, Jeanne d’Arc, innocent victim? The multifaceted visual representations of Yulia Tymoshenko. In: Politics in Central Europe Volume 9, 2013/1. 27-46/ The CEE and SEE Expansion of Austrian Banks. A Showcase Analysis of Relating Media Coverage. In: Agh, Attila et al. (eds.): The ECE Region in the EU28. Together for Europe Series. Budapest 2013. 365-379./ Political Culture in Southeast Europe. In: Döring, Thomas/ Sternad, Dietmar (eds.): Handbook of Doing Business in Southeast Europe. Houndmills Basingstoke. 2012. 51-86.