UNO Proud

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FOBBs are lists of UNO's "Firsts, Onlys, Biggests and Bests."  These are things that are unique to, or special about UNO, organized by academic college


As UNO continues to strive for excellence, it is making strides in academics, research, economic development and community involvement.  Please explore UNO's standing in each of these areas and see what the University of New Orleans has to offer.

Decades of Pride

For more than 50 years, the University of New Orleans has been one of the city's foremost public resources.  UNO unites the best the city has to offer with a diverse set of world-class, research-based programs, advancing shared knowledge and adding to the city's industry, culture and economy.  Above all, the University is populated by active and informed students, faculty and administrators --engaged citizens whose contribution is vital to the city, the region, and the world.

The University of New Orleans has been a source of pride for New Orleans since its doors opened in 1958 as a fully-integrated university.  Many of its programs are nationally recognized and US News & World Report recently ranked UNO as one of the 20 most popular national universities.


  • Undergraduate Enrollment: 7,689
  • Graduate Enrollment: 2,382
  • Total Enrollment: 10,071
  • States Represented: 50
  • Nations Represented: 90
  • Undergraduate Programs: 44
  • Graduate Programs: 44
  • Student/Faculty Ratio: 18:1
  • Average Class Size: 22
  • Research Centers: 16
  • Student Organizations: 120