SACSCOC Standards

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Federal Requirements

The U.S. Secretary of Education recognizes accreditation by SACS Commission on Colleges in establishing the eligibility of its accredited institutions to participate in programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, as amended, and other federal programs. Federal statutes include mandates that the Commission review an institution in accordance with criteria outlined in the federal regulations developed by the U.S. Department of Education. As part of the review process, institutions are required to document compliance with those criteria responding to federal mandates and the Commission is obligated to consider such compliance when the institution is reviewed for initial membership or continued accreditation.

Standard Description
4.1 Student Achievement
4.2 Program Curriculum
4.3 Publication of Policies
4.4 Program Length
4.5 Student Complaints
4.6 Recruitment Materials
4.7 Title IV Program Responsibilities
4.8 Distance and Correspondence Education
4.8.1 Same Student
4.8.2 Privacy Protection
4.8.3 Additional Student Charges
4.9 Definition of Credit Hours

SACSCOC Resource Manual, 2012 Edition