Low Residency M.Ed.

The Low-Residency Master of Education (M.Ed.) offered by the University of New Orleans is a unique program offered in a cohort environment with all residency requirements being fulfilled in international locations.

While the program is offered in standard university semesters, it is offered in a cohort setting whereby one will take all classes with the same group of students throughout the program. This fosters better interaction and a greater connectivity amongst students and between students and faculty. Regular academic semester (fall & spring) classes will be offered online and will require no physical presence on the University campus. Students will take one class per regular semester and three classes during the summer international residency. Summer classes will be traditional face to face classes given over the course of four weeks in locations such as France, Italy and other nations. The duration of study is three years.

There will be three tracks for the program; elementary education, secondary education and literacy and language education.

This is a unique opportunity to travel the world with a close knit group of colleagues while earning an advanced degree.