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Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies - Online

Mission Statement

Completion Program

  • Degree Completion Program for students with an Associate’s Degree.

IDS Integrative Learning Plans

  • Focus areas in Behavioral Studies, Business and Urban Society, Health Care Business Studies, Cultural Studies, and Education in Urban Society.

Transfer Credit

  • Allied Health Professionals- We accept your transfer credit. Complete your four-year degree with us!


The flexibility of IDS online course work and experienced academic advising are the hallmarks of Bachelor’s of Interdisciplinary Studies degree program.

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) is a rigorous and unique degree program that offers students the versatility to design academic plans through the process of integrative learning. Indeed, Integrative Learning Plans (ILP) and personal academic advising are the hallmarks of the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) degree program. Working closely with their advisors, IDS students develop ILPs comprised of two- or three-discipline study plans that integrate multicultural and multidisciplinary perspectives. To meet UNO students’ diverse social, cultural, and educational needs, IDS offers both on-campus and online credit-earning opportunities.

What Can I Do with an IDS Degree?

The real question is: What do you want to do? Each Integrative Learning Plan is customizable to meet your academic needs and professional interests. In the section below you will find examples under each ILP title that represent only a few ways in which an IDS degree can be structured and utilized. Each IDS graduate creates his or her own unique learning and career experiences.

Behavioral Studies

Students interested in service-oriented careers, such as counselors, social workers, teachers, and other helping professions, find this ILP attractive.

Business in Urban Society

This ILP appeals to students with varied interests who may or may not have completed prior business coursework. Some are interested in the psychosocial aspects of business. Others wish to pursue MBAs through an alternative pathway. After earning their BIS degrees, these students often establish careers in corporate and non-profit organizations.

Community and Leadership Development

Students interested in community service and leadership careers often choose this ILP. Many go on to careers in law enforcement, emergency medical services, and working with non-profit organizations. Many find fulfillment in community organizing.

Cultural and Environmental Studies

This ILP often attracts students interested in public careers associated with broad and/or specific interests in cultural and environmental concerns. Examples include underwater photographers who document the effects of human interaction with marine life and urban planners who incorporate environmentally friendly transportation systems into their designs.

Education in Urban Society

This ILP allows students to study education holistically. It is especially attractive to those whose transfer credits from two-year programs are not always applicable to education degrees at UNO. While not providing students their teaching certificates, those who complete this ILP often continue graduate studies in the Master of Arts in Teaching at UNO. Many become teachers. Others work with government agencies or in the private sector.

Public Health

The Public Health ILP attracts students interested in the impact of community, family, and environmental issues on public health. Those who have completed two-year allied health programs often choose this ILP. Graduates often pursue careers in hospital administration, in businesses that cater to public health issues, and non-profit organizations.