What Can I Do With an IDS Degree?

Cultural Studies

Students interested in cultural diversity, language, philosophy, and art will create a unique Integrative Learning Plan that will develop creativity and critical thinking skills.  Many students who complete the Cultural Studies curriculum also do post-graduate work or pursue careers in arts and cultural institutions nation-wide.

Business and Urban Society

While not a degree in business, IDS students who complete coursework in this concentration study business practices, including urban renewal and development.  Many of our IDS majors who complete this concentration pursue careers in corporate and non-profit organizations.

Education and Urban Society

While not providing students with certification to teach, students who complete the curriculum in the Education and Urban Society concentration often continue their graduate studies in the Master of Arts in Teaching at UNO.  IDS majors who complete this curriculum pursue careers in teaching and also in government agencies and in the private sector.

Health Care Business Studies

The IDS concentration in Health Care Business Studies prepares students to pursue careers in hospital administration and in businesses that cater to public health issues.  Students who complete the curriculum in this concentration also apply to graduate programs in Health Management.