Calling Center FAQ

Why are you calling me?

We reach out to our alumni and friends by phone each year for several reasons. We want to help our alumni stay connected with UNO and aware of current events on campus. In an increasingly mobile society, it is important to keep track of the current addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of our supporters. Alumni and friends are the backbone of our philanthropic support; therefore we also want to ask for your gifts towards improving the student experience and advancing our mission. Alumni gifts directly influence our national rankings and improve the value of a UNO degree.

Who makes these phone calls?

We have anywhere from 20-30 UNO students (depending on the time of year) making calls on behalf of UNO. Student callers work at the UNO Calling Center, located in the Homer L. Hitt Alumni & Visitor Center on campus.

Why does the caller keep asking me to put the gift on a credit card? I'm not used to putting donations on a credit card, and I'm worried about whether it is secure.

The reason we ask for credit cards is simple - it cuts down on our administrative and processing costs. We avoid the costs of the pledge packet - brochure, letter, envelope, return envelope, and postage both ways, as well as the time required to put that packet together. Also, giving by credit card also means that we avoid the paper and postage for pledge reminders if you forget to send in your gift.

We certainly understand concerns about credit card security! You are wise to think twice about using one over the phone. But we want to reassure you about the process. Student callers do not keep or record your credit card information on paper. It is entered directly to a secure system and is not stored at the Calling Center or at UNO, so each year the callers will ask for it again.

If you ever have concerns about giving out your credit card information to someone claiming to call from UNO, there are some things you can do to be safe. You can check your phone’s caller ID, which should read University of New Orleans. Additionally, please feel free to stop by our Calling Center Mon. – Thur. between 1:00PM and 9:00PM CST at the Homer L. Hitt Alumni & Visitors Center on campus.

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Why do you ask me to commit to an amount over the phone? I would rather think about it and decide when I send in my pledge card.

Giving our callers a minimum commitment while they are on the phone with you allows us to start allocating our resources right away, such as knowing how much funding will be available for scholarships. It also indicates to our callers that you are committed to making a gift. However, when you receive the pledge card, you can always increase the amount before you return it.

I'm on the federal Do Not Call List - why are you calling me?

The legislation covering the National Do Not Call Registry exempts charitable and non-profit institutions. We hope that the reduction in unwanted solicitations for products and services will help folks be more open to a call from UNO. However, if you wish to be placed on our internal "do not call" list, please let your caller know. We will respect your wishes.

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