Romance Languages (B.A.)
French or Spanish

Sometimes when you have a lot to say, you need more than one language to say it in, and that can require more stimulation than one culture can provide. That’s why UNO offers a major in romance languages. With the choice between a French or Spanish concentration, our foreign languages department will immerse you in different and unique cultures.

You’ll receive thorough language acquisition supplemented by classes in the literature and culture of the chosen language. And you may choose to minor in the other linguistic option of the program. You’ll want to study your chosen language in our state-of-the-art language lab and you may even enroll in several courses offered as online options.

As part of your degree, you’ll also be able to fulfill some of your requirements through one of our international programs, the Glories of France in Montpellier or the UNO Summer School in Costa Rica. However, our location in New Orleans — with its unique history and special blend of cultures — creates unique opportunities in French or Spanish without leaving home. In addition to several new courses specifically designed to explore that local history and culture, there are a number of relevant internships available in the community for agencies such as the Red Cross, the French Consulate, or the Franco-American Chamber of Commerce.

Once completed, your UNO degree will make you a competitive candidate for jobs in teaching, public relations, advertising, tourism, or translation for any number of organizations including the U.S. State Department. You may also want to continue your studies with our master’s degree in romance languages.

Department of
Foreign Languages

Curriculum & Requirements

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Selected Courses

  • Advanced French Grammar
  • Contemporary
    French Civilization
  • Survey of Spanish Literature
  • Demonstration of
    Oral Proficiency