Psychology (B.S.)

Psychology (B.S.)

  • Our mission is to support the educational, economic, cultural, and social well-being of the greater New Orleans area.
  • The undergraduate psychology program focus on understanding, preventing and treating mental health problems.

As a psychology major at UNO, you will develop an understanding of how psychologists examine human behavior, conduct research, and apply their findings to understand human behavior. You will explore many varieties of psychology: child and adolescent development; learning and cognition; personality and abnormal behavior; sensation and perception; biological mechanisms; and more. To test your mettle, classroom theory will be applied towards research and collaborations with faculty members.

You will have many opportunities to earn academic credit while working individually with faculty members in research and in psychological service settings. You may find yourself conducting research in one of UNO’s state-of-the-art research laboratories like the LaHoste Laboratory for Biopsychology research or the Youth Social and Emotional Development Lab. However, real world application is not limited to the labs. Like many students before, you may have the opportunity to co-author with faculty and graduate students on articles published in leading scientific journals and present your findings at scientific meetings across the country. This close collaboration and practical experience will prepare you for graduate training and also increase employment opportunities for students after graduation.

Since a career in psychology requires graduate study for career advancement, UNO’s psychology program stresses the breadth and depth of the field to equip you with a good foundation for graduate study as well as for immediate entrance into a variety of other fields. In addition to positions as psychologists, counselors, and social workers, our alumni find jobs in many other fields including education, finance, management, and law.

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