Music Studies (B.A.)

Music in our society is as pervasive as it is diverse. It finds its way to our ears in every way possible, from a man whistling on the street to hits on the radio; from an orchestra playing a concert hall to commercial jingles. The music department at UNO understands the many forms of music and is dedicated to helping you understand and explore all the styles that interest you.

As a music studies major at UNO, you will have access to a number of facilities and resources, all provided to help you express yourself through music. These include a recital hall, multiple performance spaces, over 30 practice rooms, and secured lockers and rooms for instrument storage. You will also get a chance to spend time in our recording studio — featuring the Digidesign ProTools Mix Plus system and a wide selection of the latest equipment and software — and take advantage of the eight-station Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) lab and electronic theory lab that comes equipped with the industry’s best software programs like Finale, Sibelius, and Garage Band.

You will also get the opportunity to meet with renowned musicians of styles ranging from Latin percussion to India raga in our Meet the Artist series. In these seminars you will receive specialized instruction and professional advice. Past guests have included Sammy Figueroa, Aashish Kahn, Rick Margitza, and Doug Bickel.

UNO will augment your musical ability without diminishing your
future prospects: your degree in music studies will prepare you for various graduate programs, positions in music education, or a career as a performing and recording artist. No matter what your style of music, no matter how you choose to pursue it, we will help you find your rhythm.

Department of Music

Curriculum & Requirements

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