Film and Theatre: Theatre (B.A.)

Management (B.S.)

  • The Department of Management and Marketing offers a wide variety of degree programs and specialized concentrations.
  • Students will prepare for high demand careers in management, human resources, marketing, professional selling, advertising, promotions, international management and marketing, e-commerce and entrepreneurship.

Management is both a science and an art. It combines
science-based business disciplines with the theory and practice
of evaluation and human psychology to obtain the efficient coordination of individuals or groups to reach goals using financial, technical, human, and natural resources. For your study in management at UNO, you’ll learn to possess and employ all available tools to solve problems, achieve results, and be a good leader. By majoring in management, you will gain the advantage in a competitive job market.

UNO’s management program combines current thought with a
hands-on learning approach. This will give you a broad base of knowledge about management procedures in areas such as the small or corporate business environment, and the analytical and interpersonal skills to aid you in the international market. As part of this effort, we offer the management information systems (MIS) concentration, designed specifically to prepare you for a career or graduate study in the growing field of information systems, or a concentration in human resource management (HRM), which will teach you how to work with people in companies both large and small. Our HRM courses are well respected by the local Society of Human Resource Management, of which we also have a student chapter, and our professors possess both academic and
real-world expertise.

In an increasingly global market, any edge you have over the competition can make all the difference. Let UNO be that edge: our management program will give you the know-how to start a small business, rise in a corporation, or flourish in the
international workplace.