International Studies (B.A.)

In an age of changing geopolitical relations, the emergence of a global economy, revolutions in telecommunications, and increased levels of unrest, international competence is more important than ever. As an international studies major, you’ll explore shifting world dynamics to achieve an international savvy that will give you the edge in today’s increasingly globalized job market.

To prepare you for this new age of globalization, UNO’s degree in international studies spans eight separate disciplines for its core requirements. You’ll choose a topical concentration — diplomacy and international organizations; ethnicity, nationalism, and migration; environmental issues and policy; and peace and justice studies — or one of four area studies programs — Africana studies, Asian studies, European studies, and Latin American and Caribbean studies. If your interests lean more toward commerce, UNO offers a business track that combines the liberal arts core curriculum with coursework in marketing, finance, and management. Whichever concentration you choose, you will be expected to complete an internship in an internationally oriented organization and encouraged to study abroad.

As a UNO international studies graduate, you’ll be an ideal candidate for any number of graduate schools or employment in the private or public sector. Many of our alumni pursue higher degrees in areas such as law, history, geography, and urban studies; many more find jobs in fields ranging from international education and foreign service to non-governmental organizations, international corporations, and the import-export business.

College of Liberal Arts

Curriculum & Requirements

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  • Caribbean and
    Latin American Studies
  • European Studies
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  • Spanish
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Selected Courses

  • Political Geography
  • Issues in Conflict
    and Diplomacy
  • Diplomatic History
    of the United States
  • Ethnicity and
    Contemporary Society
  • International Trade Theory