Civil Engineering (B.S.)

Civil Engineering (B.S.)

At CEE, our facilities set us apart. We have laboratories for everything from Structural, Geotechnical, & Environmental to Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering. At UNO, the classroom is just the beginning.

The Civil Engineering Program Educational Objectives are:

  • Graduates will meet or exceed the expectations of the civil engineering program and the employers of program graduates.
  • Graduates will attain professional advancement.
  • Graduates will serve the needs of society by working in the related fields of civil engineering.

The air you breathe, the road you drive on, the water you drink—the work of civil and environmental engineers literally surrounds us all. At UNO, our civil and environmental program, accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), will qualify you to remedy mounting environmental and infrastructure issues facing society.

Since the devastating Gulf Coast hurricanes of 2005, the city of New Orleans has been left with much to rebuild. In addressing this effort and others like it, civil and environmental engineering has become a deeply relevant discipline. As a student of civil and environmental engineering, you will enjoy a curriculum with an emphasis on environmental, geotechnical, structural, or water resources engineering. This program strives to produce graduates proficient in the areas of specialty that serve the New Orleans Metropolitan Area and other major urban areas.