Biological Sciences (B.S.)

Life, in all its complexity, diversity, and beauty, has always been a source of wonder to humans. At UNO, our biological sciences department combines this sense of wonder with everyday practicalities. We want you to follow your interests in the life sciences while thoroughly preparing you for a career in health care and related fields.

As a student of biological sciences at UNO, you will enjoy the attention and support of a faculty whose expertise ranges from molecular genetics and evolution to ecology and animal and plant physiology, from population biology and systematics to biochemistry and cell biology. Through independent study or one of UNO’s competitive research programs, you will have many opportunities to conduct hands-on research within these fields, which may lead to coauthor credit on faculty publications. You may also work with professionals in these fields through a research internship at organizations such as the Audubon Zoo, the Vet Clinic, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

In addition to hands-on research, you may receive training for medical, dental, and allied health professions in the UNO pre-professional programs. If you are interested in a health profession, our rigorous curriculum will give you the competitive edge. Admission rates to medical and dental schools for UNO students have exceeded the national average by as much as 20 percent in four of the past five years. Many of our undergraduates also continue to Ph.D. programs at such prominent universities as Yale, Cornell, Purdue, Louisiana State University, the University of Texas, and Tulane.

Department of Biology

Curriculum & Requirements

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  • Secondary Education

Selected Courses

  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Population Genetics, Ecology, Evolution
  • Immunology
  • Vertebrate Physiology
  • Conservation Biology
  • Habitats, Organisms, and Biodiversity