15 to Finish is a campaign at the University of New Orleans that encourages undergraduate students to graduate on time by completing at least 15 credits a semester or 30 credits a year. Most full-time students take 12 credit hours which is considered full time for Financial Aid and don't finish on time, adding the costs of extra semesters.

The campaign is a collaborative initiative taken by the Board of Regents, Retention Committee at University of New Orleans and Complete College America.


If you want to get your degree on time, it is important you take the RIGHT courses. 


Register for at least 15 credit hours each semester.
15 credits x 8 semesters = 120 credit hours


The quicker you get your degree, the quicker you’ll be out in the world using it to get a better job and earn more money.

Student Impact

  1.  You're more likely to graduate on time and get better grades if you're a full-time student earning 15 credits per semester. Start with a plan to earn the degree you want, and stick to it.

  2. On average, residents in Hawaiʻi with a bachelor's degree earned more than $61,000 per year and had a 2.1% unemployment rate. Compare that to the average annual earnings of those who finished high school but did not earn a degree—just over $33,000, with a 4.3% unemployment rate. It pays to earn your degree, and earning it faster means you'll make more money over the span of your career.

  3. Take 15 credits per semester and SAVE MONEY! Why earn 12 credits when you can earn 15 for the same tuition? You'll save money, since taking 15 credits is the same cost as taking 12 credits. You're getting 3 credits for FREE!

  4. You'll finish college faster and be on your way to starting a career. By finishing on time, you have more options. You can get an advanced degree, take time off to travel or volunteer, or start working full-time.

  5. Research has shown you're more likely to get better grades.

  6. When you finish college on time, you're more likely to stat your career on time and begin earning a livelihood sooner than those who don't. In Hawaiʻi, on average, full time students take 5.4 years to earn a 4-year degree. Make a plan to graduate on time and get ahead!

  7. Check WebSTAR, University of New Orleans' degree audit check, which maps your pathway to graduation at all times. You can also do a "What If" function if you're considering to change your major.